Special Sessions

ECT 1 - Fluid Dynamics
Professor W.G. Habashi, Canada

ECT 2 - Splitting Methods
Professor J. Geiser, Germany

ECT 3 - Efficient Methods for Computational Biomechanics
Dr G. Kharmanda and Prof A. El-Hami, France

ECT 4 - BIM-based Computational Simulation
Professor G. Meschke, Germany, Professor J. Ninic United kingdom, Dr S. Freitag, Germany

ECT 5 - Advances in Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
Professor J.F.A. Madeira, Professor A.L. Araujo and Professor A. Sequeira, Portugal

ECT 6 - Seismic Design, Assessment and Retrofitting of Structures
Professor Humberto Varum, Portugal, Professor Bruno Briseghella, China, Prof. Camillo Nuti, Italy and Professor Enrico Spacone, Italy

ECT 7 - Optimization for sustainable, robust and resilient structures: design, maintenance and retrofitting
Professor Alberto Martins and Porfessor Luis Simoes, Portugal